What is Ablysex?

The Ablysex portal is an open door to a whole community in need of answers, information and solutions in their intimate and sexual lives.

Sexuality is an interdisciplinary area that overlaps with the interdisciplinary study of intimate and close personal relationships. Sexual behaviours and other dimensions of sexuality (sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, knowledge…) are integral components of a special kind of relationship, the couple bond, and of relationship to oneself. And Ablysex aims to encompass all aspects of human sexuality.

Who is behind Ablysex?

Behind Ablysex is a team of people, co-workers, but above all friends, who one day, with all their enthusiasm and motivation, decided to embark on this ambitious project.

Passionate about what we do, our work philosophy is “whatever we do, let’s do it with love”, we intend to reach all the intimate corners that the little people allow us, to accompany, help and solve their concerns and problems related to sexuality and its edges. Of course, and as it should be, we will leave the solutions to the different problems that they present to us to the experts who collaborate with Ablysex, as we have a wide DIRECTORY of professionals in sexual health and psychosexual therapy, sexuality educators, therapists and sexual counsellors.

Counselling gives us the opportunity to explore and understand more fully the relationship we have with sex.

An issue for everyone

Having sexual difficulties can make you feel very isolated, self-conscious and unable to talk about it, either by having an honest conversation with your partner or by contacting a professional. The truth is that sexual problems are very common and the best way to deal with them is to talk about them.

If the problem is affecting your relationship, being honest and open with your partner about what is happening is a great first step. For some, this will be enough to help resolve the problem. For others, more support is needed.

This is where PSYCHOSEXUAL THERAPY comes in. Sex therapists are qualified counsellors, doctors or health professionals who have completed additional training to help those with sex-related difficulties. With them we will look at what sex therapy involves, what it can help with and what to expect in sex therapy sessions.

Sex as a couple needs communication, it’s like learning to dance, we need to know each other’s tastes, their rhythms, what they like and don’t like. Just because two people love each other does not mean that they will have a good sexual relationship.

Sex is communication, dialogue, seduction, foreplay. But also sexual self-discovery, having sex with yourself can be the most rewarding aspect of solo sexual activity, also called “solosexuals”.

And now, you are invited, the door of Ablysex is open for you… Come in, walk through, and go where you want to go!!!!   You are WELCOME

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