Presentation of our collaborator M. A. Manras

My sexuality: we were a generation that came from a moral repression, in which your body was a sin. It only existed from the waist up, from the waist down everything was taboo.

I always considered myself a very special girl, I say special, because from a very early age, I discovered my libido.

“I remember it was at school, sitting at my desk. I don’t know how but I discovered that when I rubbed against the chair I felt between my thighs a pleasurable sensation that ran through my whole body, I noticed that moving in a rotating way that pleasure was more intense reaching for a moment to transport me to an abyss of pleasure, at that time I did not know if that experience was right or wrong, but what I sensed is that I should not tell anyone, because everything that was referring to the genitals was forbidden.

I understood that my body was mine, that everything had been given to me to use in one way or another, my head to think, my heart to live, my legs to move, my hands to eat. I had been told about all that, but no one explained to me what it was necessary for.”


I still remember the first time I talked about this with my teenage friends. They looked at me as if I was from another planet, some even told me that I was going to hell because masturbation was a sin. But I knew that something as wonderful as feeling an orgasm could not be a sin, such a divine experience could only be created by God.

It has been many years since I left my adolescence but I can assure you that my body is still mine, mine alone. It makes me sad to think about some of my friends -now grown up- who never discovered their true selves, because sex only belongs to oneself.

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