It is very important to learn to caress yourself and to let yourself be caressed. You should not only concentrate on the common erogenous zones, as your skin is made up of an infinite number of sensitive points that you must discover day after day.

Hair. The stimulation of the scalp produces a very pleasant relaxation at the beginning of the relationship.

Ears. The earlobe, the auricular cavity and the area behind the ear increase their sensitivity during sexual arousal, but they are also very sensitive to oral stimulation as a prologue.

Eyes. The parasympathetic nerves of the eyelids can be stimulated with a few gentle kisses on closed eyes, producing a relaxation that makes the relationship more sensitive.

Mouth and tongue. The sensitivity of the lips increases with arousal making them very sensitive to the touch and caress of other lips. The tongue allows active play with different areas of the body.
Nape, neck and shoulders. These particularly sensitive areas can be stimulated with the hands or mouth, producing pleasurable shivers.

Acariciar es un arte, dejarse acariciar…

Underarm area and inner side of the forearm. Gentle manual stimulation is pleasurable in this area, but as long as tickling is avoided. As an extension of the mammary line it requires very gentle stimulation.

Fingers. Their nervous receptivity is continually used to feel the textures, shapes and roughness of things. This sensitivity makes them a very suitable medium for sensing the partner’s body.

Inner part of the elbow. Of a secondary and very slow nature, it is useful in combination with other areas, but not independently.

Waist and hip. Gently caressing the entire surface of these parts produces a gentle stimulation that can be combined with others of greater intensity.

Back. On the sides of the spine there are a series of nerves that can be stimulated very effectively by oral or manual means, always in an upward or downward direction. In front of the sacrum there is an area that is more sensitive than the rest.

Perineum. The area between the genital organs and the anus is sensitive to manual stimulation.

Anus. Highly sensitive in both men and women, its stimulation sensitises the entire orgasmic platform.

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