“It led beyond orgasm, to a mysterious dimension where love and death are similar.”

Isabel Allende

Having trouble reaching orgasm?… here are some foolproof tricks that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Trust yourself

Most women suffer from some kind of complex: a little roll here, a wrinkle there… so it’s impossible to enjoy the pleasure of being naked with your partner. Start loving yourself, your girl loves your curves and your flaws because she loves you as a complete being.

Stop fooling around and change your mentality: you don’t have to be on the cover of a magazine to enjoy a rich and satisfying sexuality with your partner. Normal girls glow when they start enjoying their sex life and become convinced that the attraction lies within them.

Use your hands

Know your body and you will gain control of your orgasms. Women who masturbate regularly are more likely to achieve orgasms. When you are about to climax, try clenching your body, so you can get close to orgasm five or six times. When you are on the verge, try an intense orgasm that grips your body for a minute.

The best way to repeat an orgasm is to ask your partner to start with touching and play before penetration. For most women oral sex is a sure way to orgasm, the combination of varied and repeated stimulation and extra lubrication with saliva is foolproof. A lover with good lingual technique holds the key to female pleasure and can make you explode as often as she wants.

Tips to increase your orgasms
Tips to increase your orgasms

Play with positions

Each position causes different friction on a woman’s private parts. By combining different positions you can stimulate different areas that lead directly to orgasm when you are aroused. It’s not about learning the Kamasutra. Try combining different positions and postures in the same session and you will see the result!

Take responsibility for your orgasms

Your partner is not to blame for the fact that you have never experienced more than one orgasm. Start by analysing your attitude to sex. Think in the plural and talk to your partner for help. You can do it too; don’t settle for less.

If you roll over and fall asleep after your first orgasm, you will never experience multiple sensations. Once you’ve had your first orgasm, don’t relax. Change your position and go for the second one!

Train every day

In order to break records, athletes train conscientiously for several hours a day. You only need a few minutes to practice the vaginal exercises that get your sexual muscles in shape.

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