What is the best music for intimacy?

Each person is unique, so when it comes to couples, each one is different.

Some are more shy than others when it comes to intimacy or even when they have not yet reached a certain level of confidence to do a seductive striptease, for example, giving sex a fun twist that takes the solemnity out of it. And especially when it is the first time you are going to have sex with the person you want so much, but you still don’t dare to ask what the other person likes, or to ask for the things they like.

They are anxious to make sex more playful and take some of the pressure off the first encounters, which we all know, there is passion, but we are just getting used to a new body, rhythm, sounds, smells, tastes, flavours and many more.

But there are certain things that without being so confident or without accelerating the process we can do to make everything lighter and also, perhaps, make the other feel comfortable.

One of them that does not fail is to play soft and seductive music, if it is the one that you both like much better, the atmosphere will relax with it. Add a couple of scented candles, a good wine or a drink of your choice, and please… turn off the TV! It is a terrible distractor for lovers.

We can recommend some songs that are more suitable and used for intimacy:

1. Dirty Dancing sin duda se encuentra en el primer lugar de nuestro ranking.

2. Sexual Healing de Marvin Gaye.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody, de Queen.

4. El Bolero de Ravel.

5. Take My Breath Away, de Berlin.

6. Let’s Get It On, de Marvin Gaye.

7. Unchained Melody, de Righteous Brothers.

8. My Heart Will Go On de la banda sonora Titanic, cantada por Celine Dion.

9. Je T`aime, de Serge Gainsbourg.

10. I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston.

And select the music, have chocolates, sweets, water or something to hydrate, and if there is a little more confidence, or if you are a more daring person, dare to sensually share a yoghurt, chocolates, cream, strawberries, syrups?

Whatever you do, the music will put you in a romantic mood for sure 😉


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