“Sex is about the quality of your entire love life, not the intricate alignment of your bodies.”

Kevin Leman

One of the basic rules for maintaining a satisfying sexual relationship with your partner is to speak honestly, to let the other know what you want or feel. It could be said that frankness is “a key to open the door to sexual satisfaction”.

Tips to follow with your partner

  • Talk about your likes and dislikes.
  • Make sure you know your partner’s preferences and try to satisfy them.
  • During sex, specify what you want or what you like: frequency, technique, speed…
  • Never be afraid to express your concerns, especially if they are related to your own sexual satisfaction, such as anorgasmia (difficulty in reaching orgasm).
  • Do not avoid your problems, the healthiest thing is to maintain a sincere communication and try to solve them.

When a couple has problems, they have a direct impact on their sexual relations. That is why it is so important to maintain a good communication system and thus be able to overcome any obstacle that hinders the relationship, otherwise they can end up causing a decrease in sexual appetite.

Tips to increase sexual satisfaction
Tips to increase sexual satisfaction

Factors that should be maintained in any couple

  • Mutual respect.
  • Maintain a good concept of each other.
  • Understand that without talking and making love not all problems are solved.
  • Learn to communicate properly and not to hide the problems thinking that with the passage of time they will be forgotten. This is not true, in fact, they always end up surfacing.

Tips for healthy communication

  • Express feelings directly and clearly, both positive (joy, affection, love…) and negative (anger, anger, fear…).
  • Do not use punishment to get something from the other person. Understanding punishment as insults, threats and even physical aggressions…, and also as “silences” or “bad faces”.
  • Do not give in, against your will, to the wishes of the other.
  • Do not maintain a proud and authoritarian posture, always seeking to impose your own will.
  • Express everything you feel, no matter how small it may seem, since you will acquire communication habits that will facilitate a greater rapprochement between the couple at all levels.

At this point it remains to say that all the advice and guidance offered above, are intended to be just that, since each person is a world and each couple as well.

In each one is or is not, the willingness to know, learn and practice the most appropriate ways to increase sexual satisfaction in the couple.

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