My name is Ana, I live alone in a single flat and I work as an administrator in a big company.

I have no steady partner (partner or partner), but if a very close relationship with my friend Juan and my friend Lourdes, when I have to meet my sexual needs, I call, one or the other, without problems because we are liberal, or else I go with anyone who is attractive or attractive to me, by the way if you have not noticed I am bisexual, what does sex matter if love is pure.

I am very imaginative when it comes to sex, I will tell you some of the things I have done. Sometimes I also do it alone, I bought some time ago in a sex-shop a dildo and a vibrator, and the truth is that I like the latter more, I don’t have to work so much… I am also into bondage, that is to say to be tied (or tied), and some sadomasochism. But it’s difficult to be tied all by oneself, yes I know that handcuffs exist for a reason but, what can I say, ropes excite me much more.

That’s why one day I planned a sex session by myself, and tied up, but I needed a little help, so I dressed up with what I wanted for that moment: underwear set of panties and strapless bra, white with lace (a delight that highlights my body), miniskirt something wide, short to mid-thigh and short-sleeved shirt with some cleavage, black both garments, plus some low-heeled shoes, black and unadorned; simple as you will see. I hid the vibrator in a sofa in the living room and called my friend Juan, inviting him for coffee, but I warned him that I was “not in the mood for sex” that day (at least not with him). He came promptly.

He told me I looked very attractive, as I had done my make-up, hair and adorned myself a bit (more than enough to go out, according to him). After a while I begged him to leave, but first I wanted him to do me a favor. “What is it?”, “tie me up”, “Ha Ha, like the Almodovar movie”, “seriously Juan, take these ropes and tie my ankles and hands behind my back”, “so that’s why you called me, what’s today’s fantasy?”. “Yes, it is a fantasy but for me alone, understand”. In the end he agreed, he tied my ankles tightly and then my hands behind my back so that I could not let go.

As he left he exclaimed, see you again, and think of something for both of us. We kissed, he gagged me with a handkerchief I had given him and went out, when I heard the door I thought “I’m alone now”. I struggled a little, perfect, I can’t let go, the fantasy I had imagined was that I was kidnapped and kept locked up, tied up as I am, and that suddenly I needed to satisfy my sexual desires and have an orgasm, or several, all by myself, just like that, tied up as I was.

The first thing I did was to crawl to the couch and take the vibrator out of its hiding place, I moved to the table, where there was a full glass of water and as best I could I wet the vibrator, while I moved my legs, making the lips of my sex rub together, which became wetter as I got more and more excited, Of course the nipples of my breasts became erect like penises, but for the moment I could not do anything for them, I lay down on the living room carpet, face down, and as I could I lifted my skirt a little, I pulled up my panties and introduced the wet vibrator in my pussy, already wet by my flows.

A solas... o no tan sola/Alone... or not so alone

When it was inside, with only the base out, I gave a twist of the knob and the vibrator went into action, I released my hands from it. The sensation that was born in my sex with that vibrating object was indescribable, it seemed that my whole pussy vibrated with it, transmitting waves of pleasure, which made my body shudder on the floor, I don’t know but I think an orgasm came soon, my whole body arched with joy, I released a moan muffled by the gag, while I tried automatically to untie my hands and feet, of course I could not, but that was the basis of the fantasy.

Once I had cum, I left the vibrator running at lower power, the pleasure it gave me was more controlled and I could play a little, face down as I was, caressing my tits with the carpet, my hands on my ass, pinching it, fucking it, when not arching my body to grab my ankles with my hands, or shrinking my legs to rub my tits against my knees, so little by little I cum a second time, slowly this time.

I turned off the vibrator and pulled it out of my pussy, of course it came out wet, smelling of wet sex. I decided to rest for a while, lying on my stomach as I was, before moving and breaking the ligatures. Suddenly I was startled by a hand on my head, “so this was what you wanted to do,” John had not left but stood in the doorway not visible from the living room, and noiselessly had been watching me, “how about we replace the inanimate, hard object with an animate, hot object that was also hard?”

“Mmmm.” “Don’t protest and see how you like it too.”

He turned me around, I saw that his penis was erect under my pants, he bent over me “I’m going to discover those two fruits ready to be eaten”, he rolled my shirt up leaving my bra visible, he put his hands behind my back and unfastened the clasp of my bra, pulling it away from me, “how rich, ripe fruit”, and it was true because I had become aroused again and it showed, he bent his head and began to suck my tits, first one, stopping at her nipple, which he bit it without stopping, then the other.

Meanwhile, his hands lifted up my skirt, and pulled down my panties, leaving my pussy in the air. He stood up… “now, beautiful”… and undressed, his huge cock, stiff as before, threatening me from above, “let’s go inside”. He lay down on top of me and in one thrust he violently penetrated me, “didn’t you want sex while tied up?”, and he started to move, it didn’t take us long to cum at the same time. When we finished he lay down next to me on the carpet, “how are you doing?”, and removed my gag. “You’re a rapist pig, but I liked it. Come on, untie me.” “What do you believe that, you didn’t want me to leave you tied up, well that’s how you stay”, and she put my gag back on, panties in place, skirt down again, bra, fastened and shirt in place, got up and got dressed. “Oh, I forgot,” she picked up the vibrator, lifted my skirt a little, half-opened my panties….

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