“Sexuality is a part of our behavior. It’s part of our world freedom.”

Michel Foucault

First genital touching

We must keep in mind that human beings are sexual beings from birth and that they receive stimuli that give them pleasure.

From a very young age we receive sexual pleasure, but this type of pleasure varies according to the stage our child is in.

Many parents are alarmed when they see their children’s first genital touching around the age of 2 and not only blush and scold the children or even resort to slapping them, even in public due to embarrassment, but also try to make them abandon this habit in a drastic and authoritarian way.

For those parents who do not know, this behavior that embarrasses them, makes them blush and makes them feel bad in public, is a normal behavior that many children go through (let’s not forget that sexual pleasure is something we are born with and that gives us satisfaction since we are babies. Babies also have their sexual focus).

My child touches himself

It is better to calm down and not derive these touches in thinking that your child has some kind of disorder, is deviant or imaginations like that. It is as simple as their sexuality and pleasure has centered on their genitals and they are beginning to discover and get to know themselves.

This stage usually coincides with the end of the diaper stage and to a greater extent when they already control their sphincters perfectly.

Parents should act as follows:

  • Treat the subject normally.
  • Do not be scandalized.
  • Do not burden the child.
  • Do not deny their sexuality.
  • Don’t make your child think he or she is doing something wrong.
  • Talk to your child about sex, sexuality and physical differences between boys and girls in a way that they understand.
  • Make them understand that there are certain behaviors (such as touching) that should not be done in public.

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